Video is becoming more and more essential as a business tool. With the workforce becoming more mobile and spread out, enterprises realize the great benefits of video conferencing technology for collaboration. Video conferencing also comes with a lot of benefits, including reduced travel costs, reduced real estate costs, quicker turnaround time, and is also gaining popularity as an environmentally friendly option.

SAAHI offers rich quality connections by integrating video conferencing capabilities in varied collaboration interactions.

Our Video conferencing makes any time anywhere, collaboration easy, and hassle free.

We deliver a consistent experience over different devices such as desktop, mobile devices, and conference rooms. Our affordable solutions provide a superior scale, more productive experience, and helps establish any-to-any video through standards-based technology.

With our solution, you can quickly deploy, maintain, and integrate video technology easily. Our solution uses best standards and protocols that offer you seamless, secure and robust call experience.

Solution Capabilities

  • Voice and video support
  • Multi-user support
  • Call record and replay support
  • Inter-country support

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