Making our Roads ‘Street Smart’

With IITS, SAAHI offers advanced smart traffic management solutions that assist government and traffic regulatory bodies in the efficient management of road networks. IITS solutions also optimize the traffic flow while maximizing road users’ safety and comfort.

SAAHI’s IITS solution involves several stakeholders but is mainly directed towards road users, helping them act efficiently and safely while on the road. We offer a complete bouquet of services through different applications that communicate, analyze, and share information. Solutions and Services SAAHI’s bouquet of solutions uses GPS, Wifi and GPRS to provide novel solutions that open a new revenue stream for the government, and at the same time are secure and capable of offering public safety. We offer
integrated centralised solutions that reduce government expenditure on public transport systems and offers world class commuting experience with various services like

  • GPS Tracking
  • Smart Ticket
  • Smart card system
  • Commuter app or Smart Reservation System

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