Driving the Fourth Industrial Revolution

In today’s industrial world, smart connected devices are increasing rapidly. Almost every other business model has started realizing the potential value that can be reaped from smart connected devices. Be it a simple logistics solution or a mammoth factory machine; there is definitely a treasure trove that can be extracted if things are connected to each other.

Our vision of Industrial IoT Solutions is to have connected assets and connected operations that build a smart factory where all operations talk to each other and coordinate with each other to take decisions automatically in order to
reduce operational overheads, systemise operations and offer an overall better customer experience.

We understand and delivers this vision by using the right communication channel and the intelligence capability to deliver smart industrial solutions.We create the necessary backbone for many industrial applications that require seamless connectivity and addressability between their components. Our rapid application development expedites the automation and control process which administrators manage each object’s status via remote consoles; and save the overall cost of implementation, deployment, and maintenance. Some of the Key Industrial IoT Solutions delivered by SAAHI are:

  • Workforce Tracking
  • Production Line Manufacturing
  • Failure Alert Mechanisms
  • Fleet Logistics and Management

Join us in Shaping the Future of Work